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*WAREHOUSE SALE ITEM* ‘Jesus and St. Peter Walk On Water’ Wooden Wave Stacker Playset

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*PLEASE NOTE: This is a warehouse sale item. Warehouse sale items generally include discontinued items, slightly imperfect items, last chance items, open box items, items used for display/product photos, overstock, and seasonal items at a discounted price.

WAREHOUSE SALE ITEM DETAILS: Please note that this listing is for an item with a damaged box. The contents remain unaffected by the condition of the box damaged during shipping while in transit to Canada. 

The set itself is shrink-wrapped including all pieces of the set. For gifting, we recommend transferring to a gift bag or separate gift box!

The ‘Jesus and St. Peter Walk on Water’ Wooden Wave Stacker Set by Shining Light Dolls is a modern, montessori-style playset fit for any playroom or Catholic household!

From Shining Light Dolls:  

Keep your eyes on Jesus! Isn't that the message we all want deep in our children's hearts?  For a child, there is no better way to absorb that powerful life-saver than through play!
In this beloved story from the Bible, Jesus walks towards his disciples on the water.  St. Peter gets out of his boat, and approaches the Lord - also miraculously walking on water!
But when he becomes afraid and takes his eyes of Jesus, he begins to sink. Immediately, Jesus reaches out and saves him.
Children can act out this important scene from scripture, while learning about the importance of keeping our eyes on the Lord!
Jesus and St. Peter are the same height as Shining Light Dolls classic dolls (9cm tall) and are ¾ inch thick.
The largest wave is 12 inches wide by 5.75 inches tall.
All pieces are 3/4 solid hardwood.
Our new wooden sets are designed to be compatible with all Shining Light Dolls classic dolls.
A favorite of European toy manufacturers, our new wood sets are crafted using highly sustainable solid rubberwood from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources, and non-toxic water based paint.
Rubberwood is a highly sustainable and beautiful hardwood. Trees that have finished producing latex on rubber tree farms are cut down to make room for new trees to be planted. Instead of wasting this beautiful wood, it is used to create a variety of home goods and toys! We've very intentionally selected rubberwood for this reason, to avoid deforestation and ensure our wooden toys are truly environmentally friendly.


+ crafted from sustainable solid wood
+ finished with non-toxic water-based paint
+ includes two figures that measure around 3.5 inches in height and are 3/4 inches thick
+ conforms to ASTM standards for toy safety
+ designed for age 18+ months

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