Catholic Family Crate

‘My Lenten Journey’ Interactive Lent Sticker Calendar

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The ‘My Lenten Journey’ Interactive Lent Sticker Calendar from Catholic Family Crate is a fun way for young Catholics to journey through the Lenten liturgical season.

From Catholic Family Crate: Countdown to Easter with our Interactive Lent Sticker Calendar! Make this Lent a season of anticipation, reflection, and family togetherness with our Lent Countdown Activity. This calendar adds a touch of joy to your Lenten journey while highlighting the importance of each day.

Interactive Calendar Stickers: Transform the countdown to Easter into an engaging experience with interactive stickers for each day of Lent. Peel and stick them on the calendar to mark each day's progress, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection to the Lenten season.

Daily Reflection: The interactive nature of the calendar prompts daily moments of reflection.


+ main activity page measures 11 x 14 inches
+ includes four (5.5 x 7) sticker sheets

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