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The Original Rosary Bracelet in Rose Quartz


Only 4 left in stock!

This Rosary stretch bracelet by Sunday Bead Co. is made with rosewood, gold-filled beads, rose quartz natural stones and is finished with a gold-filled Miraculous Medal.

Choose between a round medium-sized medal or a large floral one!

These beautiful, high-quality materials are made to last. Designed to fit any wrist and and made to encourage prayer, each Rosary bracelet comes with a "How to Use Your Rosary Bracelet" instruction card.

Looking to create the perfect stack? Shop stacking bracelets to coordinate with your rosary bracelet HERE.


+ stretch bracelet is designed to fit most
+ rosewood beads measure 10mm in diameter
+ gold-filled beads measure 4mm in diameter
+ miraculous medal is gold-filled

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