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100% Pure Beeswax Hand-Dipped Advent Candle Set

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Introducing our 100% Pure Beeswax Hand-Dipped Advent Candle Set!

We commissioned the creation of this modern set of Advent taper candles from our friends John and Liz who own and operate Restoration Honeybee Co.

Each candle is handmade of premium quality, 100% pure, locally-sourced, white beeswax and hand-dipped to create a distinctive look. Each set includes one blush pink candle and three lavender purple candles for a subtle, pastel look.

Why pure beeswax? Unlike other waxes typically used to make candles, beeswax is completely natural and releases zero toxins when burned. It is also a sustainable option being a natural by-product of bees’ honey-production process and it retains a subtle, sweet, honey aroma when burned. Beeswax is also said to ‘purify the air’ when burned by releasing negative ions which bind to toxins to neutralize them.

In addition, the Catholic Church prescribes that candles used during Mass maintain a certain percentage of beeswax, so there is that spiritual connection as well!


+ candles measure 10 inches in height
+ base of candles measure 0.8 inches in diameter
+ 100% cotton wick 
+ handmade in Ontario, Canada by a Catholic family
+ each set includes one blush pink candle, and three lavender purple candles 


Be sure to place your candles in a level spot away from any drafts.

Before each lighting, trim the wick to about 1/4 of an inch. 

If your candles start to look white or dusty, don’t worry! Over time, a whitish, almost powdery substance may begin to form on the surface of your candle. This is known as the “bloom” and is harmless and completely natural, but if you prefer, you can wipe it away with a soft cloth.

And of course, never leave your candles unattended and ensure they are out of reach for little ones and pets!


For a secure fit, you can warm the base of each candle with hot water before fitting into candle holders if the candle seems large for the holder.

Alternatively, if the candles seem too small for the holder cavities, you can purchase a special adhesive to help hold them in place from somewhere like Amazon - simply search ‘candle adhesive’.

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