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Fiat Floral Camp Mug


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The ‘Fiat Floral Camp Mug’ by January Jane Shop features an original illustration of ten flowers, each representing a different virtue of Mary.

From January Jane Shop: A rustic mug with 10 watercolor flowers painted by Jana Zuniga. Each flower represents a different virtue of Mary. "Fiat" is Latin for "Let it be done unto me", the words Mother Mary spoke to the Angel Gabriel at the Annunciation. Each mug includes a postcard sized reference guide to each flower's connection to the 10 different virtues of Mary. They are also listed below:

  1. Lively Faith/Sunflower - The literal meaning of a Sunflower is “Adoration”. Mary lived her life adoring her Son.  Her faith was as bright as a Sunflower, her posture is always facing the “Sun/Son”, pointing us back to Him. 
  1. Continual Mental Prayer - The snowdrop is said to have bloomed in February, when Mary took Jesus to the temple to present him to God. After Simeon’s prophecy it is written: “But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” - Luke 2:19
  1. Universal Mortification  - A Rose reminds us of the beauty and redemption amidst the “thorns” life.  On a spiritual level, this virtue means to unite your personal suffering to Jesus crucified, in order to be prayerfully united to him. 
  1. Divine Wisdom - According to legend, when the wise men reached Bethlehem they looked for a further sign to guide them to the new king. King Melchior saw a white and gold flower and knew which building to enter. This was assumed to be a daisy! 
  1. Blind Obedience - An Iris represents the Annunciation. May this remind us of Mary’s “fiat” and her blind obedience to the will of God. 
  1. Angelic Sweetness - The Morning Glory symbolizes affection. This flower reminds us of our Mother’s sweet affection for all of her children. There is room in her heart for each one of us. 
  1. Surpassing Purity - The Lily traditionally represents Purity, reminding us of her spotless soul. 
  1. Profound Humility - Violet is a symbol of modesty and simplicity. Mary considered herself a servant, even a “slave” for God. She lived to serve others and to glorify the King. 
  1. Ardent Charity - The Columbine  is often called Our Lady's Slipper. Legend says that the Columbine flower sprang from the earth where Mary's feet stepped when she was on her way to visit Elizabeth. This flower reminds us of Mary’s desire to love others with urgency and without delay. 
  1. Heroic Patience - Chamomile traditionally represents patience. Mary was patient in suffering and patient in understanding God’s plan. 


+ holds 10 oz of hot/cold liquids
+ NOT microwave-safe
+ includes postcard with flower reference guide
+ made in the USA

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