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‘Litany for Social Media’ Prayer Card


The ‘Litany for Social Media’ prayer card by Abundance of Grace Prints is the perfect size to keep on your mirror, in your Bible, or in a journal.

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From Marie Loesel from Abundance of Grace Prints: 

From finding my worth in my following and likes...deliver me Jesus.

While social media can become twisted and the "game" is always telling us to do more, be more, I'm praying for peace in knowing confidently that my worth lies in the loving arms of Jesus, not in likes or views. That the desire to spread His love to others through prayer, scripture, and the lives of the Saints, can be done no matter the reach.

I wrote this litany for peace and pray it brings you peace, too, and that you truly know you were not made for likes, but for love.

Romans 5:8 || 1 John 3:1 || John 3:16

Grab a litany for yourself or gift to all your friends or your teenagers.


+ prayer card measures 3 x 6 inches
+ printed on heavyweight matte cardstock
+ features a soft touch coating on both sides for durability

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