MCG Original

‘Monstrance’ Suncatcher Sticker

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This suncatcher sticker is an MCG Original product made by us!

Place on a window that receives direct sunlight and the suncatcher will shine colourful rays all over the room.

While our suncatchers are not designed to be reusable, you *may* be able to re-position them one or two times.

See our full 'Suncatcher Application Instructions' below!

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+ measures approximately 3.5 x 4 inches
+ removeable, but not reusable!
+ made in the USA


Choose a window that gets bright/direct sunlight.

east-facing windows — morning sun rays
south-facing windows — mid-day sun rays
west-facing windows — evening sun rays
north-facing windows — not recommended

1) Wet window with a spray bottle or moist paper towel or cloth.

2) Carefully peel sticker from the backing and place the adhesive side on the wet window.

3) Gently remove any excess water or air with a squeegee or credit card and wipe the window dry.

The adhesive may take on a milky cast, but don't worry, this will clear up when it dries!

*Please note that our suncatchers are removeable, but they are not designed to be re-used. If any adhesive remains after removal, we recommend trying a little bit of rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining residue.

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