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Blessed is She Men’s Lent Devotional: “Born of Fire”

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Blessed is She has released a Men’s Lent Book called “Born of Fire” written by Fr. Innocent Montgomery, CFR.

From Blessed is She: 

This stunning book on identity, “Born of Fire”, by Father Innocent Montgomery, CFR for men acts as a guide through seven identities to learn from Jesus: son, brother, man, spouse, father, mystic, and ‘new man’ this Lent.

It includes witness accounts of postulants on their desert journey in the wilderness, invitations into prayer, and reflections on our new life in Christ by Father Innocent.

This book meets a man’s need for challenge, adventure, introspection, and formation of his heart after the heart of Jesus. It’s a must-have for the men in your life!

Photos by Therese Westby

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