Rosary for Littles in Blue Quartz
Rosary for Littles in Blue Quartz
Rosary for Littles in Blue Quartz
Rosary for Littles in Blue Quartz

Rosary for Littles in Blue Quartz

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This full-length Rosary for Littles exclusively designed for us by Manducat Rosaries is a meaningful way to encourage the youngest Catholics in your life to remember to connect with God daily.

This Rosary for Littles features multi-coloured decades including marble and pearlescent beads and solid soft blue ‘Our Father’ beads.

With colours chosen with modern Catholic kids in mind and soft beads sized for little hands, the Rosary for Littles is the perfect gift for the littles in your life.


+ teething-friendly
+ wooden cross teether measures approximately 3 x 3 inches
+ BPA-free, FDA-approved, odourless/tasteless, food-grade silicone beads
+ free of harmful toxins


+ this product meets safety requirements for children aged 3+
+ for younger children, it poses a strangulation hazard
+ this rosary should ALWAYS be used under adult supervision
+ please carefully inspect the item before each use and if any signs of wear are present, avoid using and contact us
+ by purchasing this product, buyer assumes responsibility to ensure this item is used in a safe manner


+ rosary can be hand-washed with warm water and a mild baby-safe soap and left to air-dry*
+ wooden cross has been soaked in coconut oil for a smooth, safe finish**

*Always avoid soaking/submerging the wooden cross teether in water

**Over time, the oil seal on the wooden teether may wear down. To re-seal the wooden cross, wipe down with melted (but not hot) organic coconut oil and wipe off excess. 5-10 coats will be needed to restore cross to original condition.