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St. Therese of Lisieux Mini Collectable Saint Doll

St. Therese of Lisieux Mini Collectable Saint Doll

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The St. Therese of Lisieux Collectable Saint Doll by The Little Rose Shop is sUte to be beloved companion for the little Catholics in your life!

From Raquel, owner and founder of The Little Rose Shop: 

She's here! The first of a whole NEW MINI Saint Doll Series!

It had always been my vision that our children come to know the Saints in a very real and tangible way - by simply calling them a friend and dragging them along to the park, snuggling up for movies, building forts together, and playing dress up.

So, it's been a long time coming but my first MINI Saint doll is here as part of a new collectible series. These are mini versions of my original handmade dolls brought to you in much larger batches-meaning they are way more accessible, because the Saints NEED to be in your homes!

They are still limited - so let the collecting begin!!! Once Therese is gone, I will release a new MINI Collectible Saint!


+ measures approximately 11 inches tall
+ 100% cotton
+ designed in the USA
+ made in China
+ meets USA Child Product Safety Certification requirements


+ spot clean only