When our family witnessed a resurgence of Catholic creatives longing to evangelize the world through beauty, the idea of Modern Catholic Goods was born.

With several Catholic makers opening shops + producing modern goods inspired by the Catholic faith, we found ourselves wanting to be part of this renaissance of Catholic beauty by making these goods available to Canadians who often find costly shipping rates and unpredictable duties an obstacle to making these goods a part of their lives.

We work directly with Catholic creators to stock larger volumes of select products to bring you goods at the best price and take care of the costs of getting the goods into Canada.

Modern Catholic Goods is your online shop for beautiful, modern Catholic gifts + more where you can support many of your favourite Catholic creatives by purchasing their goods all in one place.

Occasionally, we will also stock goods that may not be specifically made by Catholic creators (but ultimately point towards Jesus) and goods that contribute to liturgical living such as seasonal Advent and Christmas goods.

Through Modern Catholic Goods, we hope to help Canadians like us become partakers in today's renaissance of Catholic beauty that invites the world into the grand-narrative of Jesus’ incredible love for us.