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Lourdes Rosary


The Lourdes Rosary by West Coast Catholic is inspired by the famous apparitions of Our Lady in little Lourdes, France to St. Bernadette.

This stunning rosary is made of gorgeous multi-toned sage and blue-green beads that remind us of the luscious greenery that the grotto is nestled in, symbolizing the life and healing that comes from the miraculous spring that still flows from it.

With little gold accents and bead caps that resemble a crown, the details of this rosary exemplify the true queenship of Mary.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

This rosary is a part of the West Coast Catholic Mater Nostra Collection.

West Coast Catholic rosaries are handmade with natural materials like authentic gemstones, wood, and metal, and leather cord, and as such, each rosary will have slight variation in colour, size, and shape.


+ features natural gemstone beads
+ strung on genuine leather cord
+ handmade in the USA

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