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I Was Born to be a Saint, Too


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’I Was Born to be a Saint, Too’ is the second book of a children’s book series written and illustrated by Kortnee Senn of Studio Senn and specially designed to help little ones discover how God has called them to help others on their way to sainthood!

Your purchase of 'I Was Born to be a Saint, Too' also includes an audiobook version of the book!

From Studio Senn: You were born to be a Saint.  I'm glad we worked that one through.

But what about me? Was I born to be one, too?

Discover how God is calling you to help others on their journey to Sainthood in the new sequel to You Were Born to Be a Saint!

Using examples of Saintly pairs, we'll see that the journey to Sainthood is easier when taken together! 

Enjoy a free audiobook with the QR code located on the publication page!

Featured Saint mini biographies are in the back to help you learn even more about the powerhouse pairs in this book!


+ features hardcover with gold foil
+ designed for ages 4-8
+ measures 9.25 x 10.5 inches
+ 32 pages
+ original art copyright of Kortnee Senn

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